For Women,
By a Woman.

I struggled with upset stomach, skin issues, and fatigue for as long as I could remember. My health journey was confusing and even paradoxical at times: the healthier I seemed to eat (i.e. big leafy kale salads), the more discomfort and bloating I’d experience. I wasn’t alone- in fact, more than 60% of women have the same discomfort (with one in five experiencing it every day!) but most weren’t doing anything about it.
Determined to create an uncomplicated health solution for women that actually works, I partnered with leading medical school professors & gastroenterologists to develop rmdy. The result is a meticulously researched formulation that promotes long term digestive health while reducing the immediate discomfort and bloating from eating. No complicated regimen of products, and no unrealistic dietary compromises and restrictions necessary.
We’re so excited to launch rmdy so that everyday women can access greater quality of life and health with an easy wellness solution that works.