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10 Ways RMDY Stops Constipation at the Source

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by Joanna L.

Last Updated May 30, 2024

Tired of wasting hours on the toilet trying to poop, feeling clogged, bloated, and full?

RMDY is an all-in-one gut health solution that eliminates constipation at the source, instead of just treating the symptoms like painful laxatives or massive amounts of fiber.

So, how does it work so well for thousands of constipated women? Here are the 10 ways that RMDY helps get your life back by ending constipation for good.

1. It Relieves Constipation Immediately

RMDY starts working immediately. While the precise blend of peppermint, ginger, and fennel eases bloating and nausea associated with constipation, the enzymes and probiotics quickly promote regularity and help you find relief within hours (or even minutes!).

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2. It Lets You Eat Your Favorite Foods

Stop avoiding your favorite foods and enjoy all the pizza, cheese, milk, and bread you want without being backed up on the toilet the next day. That’s because RMDY’s unique combination of digestive enzymes breaks down foods, fiber, dairy, and carbs into smaller, easier-to-digest molecules.

Illustration of human digestive system organs within a silhouette.

3. It Treats the Underlying Problem (Not Just the Symptoms)

RMDY includes a one-of-a-kind probiotic, DE111 Bacillus Subtilis, that treats the underlying cause of your constipation: bacterial overgrowth. In a clinical study, the proportion of normal stools for those taking DE111 increased significantly, compared to a control group.

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4. It Isn’t a Laxative (And Doesn’t Cause Side Effects)

Laxatives might provide a little relief, but it doesn’t last and often comes with stomach cramps and diarrhea. Even worse, you can become completely dependent on laxatives just to poop at all. RMDY, on the other hand, provides natural relief by restoring your gut, which means you can take it for months or years with no side effects, cramps, or dependence.

Digestive health supplement with ginger, fennel, chicory root, peppermint, and a package of the product.

5. It Promotes Long-Lasting Gut Health

Unlike products that only temporarily cover up symptoms, RMDY addresses the root causes to build a foundation for lifelong gut health. That means that it restores your comprehensive gut health so you can finally start enjoying date nights, fancy dinners, and all-night parties without worrying about where the bathroom is.

3D illustration of a human body with transparent skin showing internal organs and DNA strands.

6. It's backed by research

Clinical studies have shown that DE111 alleviates constipation and diarrhea. Plus, we partnered with a third party to conduct a double-blind, placebo-controlled study for our Digestive Essentials. The study found that when compared to the placebo, 83% of participants reported feeling less bloated, and 92% reported experiencing less post-meal discomfort.

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7. It’s Easy to Take On the Go

With our pleasing and discreet packaging, you don’t have to fear “killing the mood” by taking pills in the middle of a date. Our sleek and simple bottles are small enough to fit in your purse and are easy to carry around and consume while out and about.

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8. It’s All-Natural, Worry Free, and Vegan Friendly

Our products are manufactured following the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs), which help ensure quality and safety. Rmdy products have never been tested on animals. They are vegan, non-GMO, soy-free, dairy-free, nut-free, shellfish-free, sesame-free, bovine-free, sugar-free, and worry-free!

Package of 'The Anti-Bloat' probiotic tablets with some pills scattered around.

9. It’s an All-in-One Solution

Most products only have a prebiotic (soluble fibers) or probiotic (natural bacteria). RMDY is an all-in-one solution that combines digestive enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, and our Anti-Bloat advanced botanical blend (ginger, peppermint, and fennel) all packed into a tasty chewable tablet.

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10. It comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee

Don’t take our word for it – why not try it for yourself risk-free? Enjoy the incredible benefits of RMDY for yourself and get natural constipation relief. If you don’t poop or aren’t satisfied for any reason within 30 days, we'll refund you the full cost of the product — no questions asked.

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