Customer Spotlight: Marla's Journey to Gut Healing

Last month, rmdy co-founder, Kate, sat down with rmdy superfan, Marla, over an Instagram Live to chat about their relationship with food and how rmdy has transformed their lives. 

After coming across skeptics online, Marla felt the need to share with others that “[she’s] a real person who has bought [rmdy] and whose extremely benefited from it” – and for that reason, believes “it’s worth the money.” 

If you should know one thing about rmdy, it’s that we have a team of individuals who are extremely passionate about what they do; and so when we read comments like Marla’s it truly energizes us and reminds us why we do the work that we do. With that being said, we couldn’t help but reach out to Marla and ask if she would be open to having a conversation on our platform where we could share her gut health story with people who might be going through a similar experience as well as how she’s found relief. 

Disclaimer: Marla shared during the Live that she’s spent the last 21 years in advertising. Being in the industry, she explained why she makes it such a big deal to let people know when she comes across a really good product. Despite her profession, Marla personally wanted to make it clear that she agreed to have a public conversation on her own accord simply because she’s a rmdy “superfan” and in no way was the Live a brand ploy. If you’re still skeptical, keep reading to learn more about Marla, how she’s benefited from Daily Digestive Essentials, and why you should consider taking them. We’re sure she’ll put to rest any of your doubts!

Marla’s Path to rmdy

Around the age of 35, Marla began to notice that she was struggling more and more to enjoy a decent meal. It seemed almost as if anything she consumed after breakfast would leave her doubling over in pain. In search of a solution to relieve her body of trapped gas and constipation, Marla adopted a Western health inquiry. 

She did everything from visiting doctors and taking drug store products to eliminating certain foods and drinks and trying at-home food sensitivity kits to even following the Blood Type Diet. Unfortunately, despite many attempts, she still couldn’t find the relief that she was looking for. 

Worried that her digestion issue might affect her ability to entertain and enjoy her favorite foods and drinks, Marla chose to take advantage of the flexibility that COVID provided and tuned into what was going on with her body.

In June she stumbled upon rmdy on Instagram. When she came across it, she was immediately intrigued. Being so, she decided to, first, do a little bit of research on our ingredients, company, and science team before agreeing to give it a shot. 

Marla’s Experience with Daily Digestive Essentials

According to Marla, “the first day [she] took rmdy, [she] immediately noticed a difference.” (We know a lot of people say this when they first try a product, but you’ll just have to take her word for it!) Since then, she’s described her experience with us as nothing but an “amazing eight month partnership.” 

Now that her stomach started to feel much better, her husband, who suffers from heartburn, has also decided to participate in her rmdy (can’t get enough cheesy puns). Because he’s been enjoying it so much (and because of COVID) Marla’s made sure to keep at least 3 months’ worth of rmdy on hand so that he doesn’t finish off the last one and so that she doesn’t run out. 

In terms of consumption, Marla usually takes Daily Digestive Essentials after having her last meal of the day. She likes that it helps digest her food before going to sleep. Sometimes she’ll take two if she’s had pizza or a glass of wine (foods and drinks like these tend to be a little bit harder on her stomach). But if she’s having something lighter, like a soup or salad, she finds that one is usually enough. 

Since Marla’s aware that she suffers from certain food and drink sensitivities, she’s made it a habit to take rmdy on a case-by-case basis and incorporate it into her daily routine. Overall, she believes rmdy’s “changed [her] life and relationship with food.” More specifically, she attributes rmdy to helping her live a regular life in the sense that she can now go for a run without feeling uncomfortable, is less irritable (she evens claims that she thinks she’s a nicer mother because of it), and no longer has to worry about going to bed in pain because she ate a meal after 2:30 pm. 

These positive changes that Marla’s been experiencing as a result of her improving her gut health are a true testament to how caring for your body from the inside can, in turn, radiate out!

Takeaways From Our Conversation With Marla

It’s important to keep in mind that not all anatomical or physiological tests can determine whether you have a food sensitivity or intolerance because it might not be severe enough to come up in tests! So if you’re aware that certain types of foods are causing adverse symptoms, don’t immediately discredit your intuition because you’re not a doctor or specialist – investigate your reactions! 

Additionally, if you discover that you’re not too sensitive or intolerant to foods so much that you’re willing to eliminate them from your diet, or you know that doing so will prevent you from being able to socialize and live your best life, consider taking rmdy! Our team built Daily Digestive Essentials using ingredients like lactase, alpha-galactosidase, and fennel to help people better equip their bodies so that they can digest foods and their nutrients more effectively and efficiently without suffering from these problems. 

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